What we Do!

What we do at the MUBS Career Guidance Office

Secondary Schools outreach Programme

As part of the Corporate Social Responsibility the school through its Career Guidance Office offers free career counselling services to all Secondary Schools throughout the country. We use the same platform to sensitise the students about the school activities, academic programmes and their admission requirements.

Career Masters Workshops

This is a platform created by the school to sensitize headteachers, career masters and mistresses from Secondary Schools in all parts of the country on the different programmes offered by the MUBS as well as enhancing their career counselling skills. This programme is meant to equip the teachers with information and skills to be able to help the students better. The workshops are hosted at the different regional campuses and are free for all teachers.

Skills Development Programme(SKIDEP)

As a way of differentiating our students, MUBS established the Skills Development Programme (SKIDEP) in the year 2009 primarily to provide an opportunity for all students in their last year of study to enhance their employability skills through  equipping them with  entreprenuership,leadership,Career Planning,financial literacy,home management ,life and  key office IT skills. It is a non academic training programme run under Career Guidance Office in support of the MUBS Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and ICT Outreach Centres

Guest Lecture Scheme

These lectures feature high-profile individuals from different  professional in business toworld. These talks are intended to expose the students to what’s going on across various sectors of the economy. Our guest lectures are designed for students in the second year of study  specifically to help them as they pick on areas of specialisation .

Student Placement/Direct Recruitment Programme

MUBS through the Career Guidance Office endeavours to secure jobs, internship and apprenticeship opportunities especially for its first class students. This we do through partnering with numerous recruitment firms(Delliote Uganda, KPMG ,Unilever, Ernest and Young, PWC, Standard Chartered Bank, URA and so many other prospective employers. The Annual Career & Job Fair is another platform that attracts prospective employers to share with the students about the job, career internship and apprenticeship opportunities within their organisations

MUBS Women Forum

The MUBS Women Forum is the first organization to represent the various issues affecting women at MUBS. The forum was established in 2010 to instigate gender main streaming as well as provide an opportunity for young women to network and exchange ideas on issues affecting them. The Forum is run collectively by the  MUBS Leadership, Career Guidance and Entrepreneurship Centres. Email: womenforum@mubs.ac.ug

Career    Orientation Programme

This  programme is designed for students in the first year of study as an introduction to the culture of MUBS. The students are also given detailed information about the different programmes and their respective career prospects. This increases the likelihood of students choosing the most suitable field for specialisation and to increase the institution’s ability to manage expectations from the outset of the student university experience.

Students With Disabilities Empowerment Programme (SWDEP)

A series programmes have been designed by Government and Non  Governmental Agencies targeting university students with disabilities however very few are known to the students. The SWDEP is meant sensitise the students about these initiatives, form a very strong network with themselves and other existing organizations to enable them easily access intership, traning and job.


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